Catch the Lotto Bug

From October 10 through November 7th, 2001, the Colorado Lottery is holding a special promotion called 'Catch the Lotto Bug' where you could win cash, Colorado Avalanche tickets or a 2002 Volkswagen Beetle.

During this time period, all Colorado Lotto tickets will have a special bonus number consisting of one letter and seven numbers towards the bottom of the ticket. These bonus numbers wil appear only on Colorado Lotto tickets and not Cash 5 or Powerball tickets.

Three bonus numbers will be drawin each Wednesdays and Saturday during the contest period.

            Catch the Lotto Bug Bonus numbers
        10/10/2001: A0981530, A1425079, A2452634
        10/13/2001: B5697247, B2834112, B8980833
        10/17/2001: C0686666, C7126609, C6573222
        10/20/2001: D9982968, D9255612, D7867043
        10/24/2001: E2853720, E7280846, E0372904 
        10/27/2001: F3893849, F1230849, F8198177
        10/31/2001: G8223045, G7242004, G9919338
        11/03/2001: H1317156, H7947692, H5857170
        11/07/2001: i0464328, i3913916, i0227545
Tickets matching a bonus number will win $250 cash and two tickets to a Colorado Avalanche game.

Ten Finalists (determined through a secondary drawing held by the Colorado Lottery of all bonus number winners will receive $1000 cash, two ticekts to a Colorado Avalanche Game and two suite tickets to a Colorado Avalanche game.

Three grand prize winners will be selected from the 10 finalists and will receive two tickets to a Colorado Avalanche game, two suite tickets to a Colorado Avalanche game and a 2002 Volkswagen Beetle. The Colorado Lottery will pay applicable sales and withholding taxes and the license and registration fees on the Beetles.

Players must claim their prizes and entries at any Colorado Lottery office by 5:00p.m. on December 7, 2001, to be eligible to qualify for the special prizes in the "Catch the Lotto Bug" contest.

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