On the last day of each month, we pick one feedback comment at random and the author of the comment will win 25 Colorado Powerball tickets.

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January, 2004 winner: Stephanie C. from Grand Junction, CO
December, 2003 winner: Jason M. from Aurora, CO
November, 2003 winner: Violet E. from Longmont, CO
October, 2003 winner: Todd S. from Buena Vista, CO
September, 2003 winner: Rebecca W. from Grand Junction, CO
August, 2003 winner: Heather K. from Aurora, CO
July, 2003 winner: TJ G. from Weston, CO
June, 2003 winner: Shirley D. from Cheraw, CO
May, 2003 winner: Gerald K. from Denver, CO
April, 2003 winner: Cheryl W. from Arvada, CO
March, 2003 winner: Starla E. from Parker, CO
February, 2003 winner: Jeff C. from Denver, CO
January, 2003 winner: Ceilia B. from Lakewood, CO
December, 2002 winner: David F. from Colorado Springs, CO
November, 2002 winner: Lynne H. from Westminster, CO
October, 2002 winner: Brian J. from New Bern, NC
September, 2002 winner: Kerry F. from Aurora, CO
August, 2002 winner: Brenda S. from Arvada, CO
July, 2002 winner: Rick J. from Centennial, CO
June, 2002 winner: Tammy S. from Johnstown, CO
May, 2002 winner: Jim B. from Denver, CO
April, 2002 winner: L. Brooks, Jr. from Denver, CO
March, 2002 winner: Lila A. from Bloomfield, NM
February, 2002 winner: Tom G. from Divide, CO
January, 2002 winner: Donna J. from Denver, CO
December, 2001 winner: Terry R. from Colorado Springs, CO
November, 2001 winner: Michelle T. from Denver, CO
October, 2001 winner: Ronna W. from Montrose, CO
September, 2001 winner: Connie H. from Evans, CO
August, 2001 winner: Ivan W. from Montrose, CO
July, 2001 winner: Teresa B. from Fountain, CO
June, 2001 winner: Ron A. from Colorado Springs, CO
May, 2001 winner: Mark M. from Rangely, CO
April, 2001 winner: Kelly P. from Arvada, CO
March, 2001 winner: Cindy M. from Denver, CO
February, 2001 winner: John L. from Westminster, CO
January, 2001 winner: Linda M. from Lakewood, CO
December, 2000 winner: Dwight O. from Colorado Springs, CO
November, 2000 winner: David M. from Lousville, CO
October, 2000 winner: Janet B. from Boulder, CO
September, 2000 winner: Lana M. from Bennett, CO
August, 2000 winner: Paul R. from Denver, CO
July, 2000 winner: No drawing in July of 2000
June, 2000 winner: Carol E. from Holyoke, CO

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